Carol Baauw

Author - Carol Baauw

If you love fantasy and good triumphing over evil you’ll enjoy a new series of novels: Journey of the Seeds by local author Carol Baauw (pictured right).

The first graphic novel published – Origins introduces the series. Origins gives detailed background to the characters in the series telling the stories of their past and describing their current positions, either under the good King and his Palace of Light or under The Dark Lord Nero and controlled by his deceptive army.

Origins also features many of the different landscapes and terrains that make up the realm of the Seeds. Origins – the Anthology is currently available in a graphic novel format and includes some incredible illustrations by David ‘Snowy’ Shooter (see gallery below).

A local girl, Carol grew up in Blacktown, attending Doonside high and leaving in Year 8. Since then her life’s journey has included some remarkable achievements including a degree in social work and a diploma in adult education.

She currently owns and manages Eden’s Café in Penrith as well as writing and collaborating on various creative projects.

The Journey of the Seeds was born out of her counselling work as she worked with creative people trying to find themselves. ‘As we travel though painful experiences we need to look to the light to fight the demons we deal with each day’ Ms Baauw said.

It was through this process that she wove a narrative in her imagination. Interested in History and a keen participant in the Iron Fest (a festival with a metal edge), Carol’s story was filled with medieval legend.Participating in a group session with ‘the fellowship’ of clients, together to release their creativity Carol’s narrative came to life and the series was born.

‘Toowyn’ was released in 2009, ‘The Mark of the Eagle’ in 2012 and ‘Lagharn’ in 2014. Her fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the saga.

These three books are available to buy the paperback through:

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